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Best Kazakhstan tours

Borovoe - pearl of Kazakhstan (1 day)

Shining pearl of Kazakhstan (1 day)

In the center of Eurasia (2 days)

Nomadic heritage tour in Almaty (2 days)

Gastro tour in Almaty (2 days)

Horse riding tour in Almaty (2 days)

Food and wine tour in Almaty (2 days)

Extreme horseback riding tour in Almaty (2 days)

Tour to the Nomad world (3 days)

Tour to Almaty (3 days)

Kolsai lakes, Kaiyndy and Charyn (3 days)

Altyn Emel National Park (2 days)

Charyn canyon, Kolsay and Kayindy Lakes (2 days)

Cycling tour on Assy plateau (2 days)

Silk Road Tour (4 days)

Baikonur spaceport tour (3 days)

The heritage of the Great Silk Road

Almaty wonderful city of apples (2 days)

Almaty tour package (4 days)